Prey’s Mooncrash DLC Updated With New Cosmetics

Prey’s Mooncrash DLC was teased for so long but it’s now here. Revealed at E3 2018, it’s the same immersive sim game thrown into a rougelike structure with procedural generated levels.

In case you missed it, Bethesda is reminding everyone of its existence by updating the paid DLC with cosmetics. The Full Moon update will add the following:

  • Skyrim Theme Operator
  • The Evil Within Theme Operator
  • Striped Top Hat Mimic
  • Bamboo Hat Mimic
  • Engraved Silenced Pistol
  • Engraved Shotgun
  • Engraved G.L.O.O. Cannon
  • Engraved Wrench

While they add not much, but considering it’s free and some of them look goofy in the right way, you can’t complain, right? The update is available for players that owned the Mooncrash DLC or Prey: Digital Deluxe Owners, in which the DLC is included.

While we have yet to check out Mooncrash, the base game is a good immersive sim, as per our review, though it doesn’t add much to the predecessors that follow this philosophy.

Source: Bethesda

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