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Prey’s First Opening Hour Show Its Bioshock Influence


If you happen to love the first Bioshock, or even better, the first two System Shock games that inspired that series, time to pay attention to Prey. Arkane’s next game is still influenced by the classic “immersive sims” school of game design, seen in the Deus Ex and System Shock series as well as their own Dishonored series.

But the horror-esque atmosphere to the game certainly lands Prey, a new IP that has nothing to do with the original Prey nor its cancelled sequel, feels more eerie and something akin to Bioshock.

The folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun got the chance to play the first opening hour and it looks great. A weird opening act leads to the derelict space station where your protagonist Morgan Yu will spend their time in. Expect many dead bodies laying around, emails to read on PC terminals, slotting items in your space-limited inventory and more importantly, those oozing black aliens creeping and popping. You’ll have weapons to deal with them though.

If you prefer to go in blind, better to skip the video, there are some spoilery twists. But if you’re still not sold, give it a watch down below:

Prey is set to release on May 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.