President Chipp Zanuff And Grappler Potemkin Revealed For New Guilty Gear Game

As promised, Arc System Works have revealed two new characters for their new Guilty Gear game. At the recent Arc live streams, we got a glimpse of ninja/President of A Country Chipp Zanuff, and the humongous grappler Potemkin.

Chipp has gotten bulkier and more ninja-y with this redesign, the high collars and ropes around his pants being noticeable changes. While Potemkin looks for the most part similar to his Guilty Gear Xrd appearance, which was a radical redesign for the character.

The back-to-back character trailers also feature two new songs, and they are as metal as you’d expect from the one song from previous trailers.

Have a look:

Chipp and Potemkin, alongside the other four revealed characters Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May and Axl Low, will be playable at ArcRevo America 2019 happening on November 16-17th.

The new Guilty Gear game is slated for release in 2020.


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