Prepare Your Wallets: Steam Autumn Sale Is Here

It’s that time of the season again to praise Gaben and spend some money on cheap discounted games again. Steam is having its Autumn Sale starting today with great deals across the board. If you have a game in a wishlist this is the time to check out if the price is right to finally pick it up. The sale starts today and will end on November 30.

Just head over the Steam main page and start scouring for great deals.

Here’s a few recommendations to get you started:

Grand Theft Auto V: RM74.95 (50% off)

Cities: Skylines: RM14 (75% off)

Max Payne 3: RM13.30 (65% off)

Far Cry 3: RM16.50 (%75 off)

There’s plenty more discounted games right now. If you found a great deal, share with us by commenting down below.

(RIP Wallet)

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Muslim, Gamer, Programmer. Grew up playing racers and RPGs but now has a penchant on fighting games, strategy of the 4X kind, and obscure indie titles.

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