Prepare For The Worst – Long War 2 Mod In Development For XCOM 2

XCOM 2 was already a rough and challenging experience on its highest difficulty settings, but there’s a mod in the works that will make the game harder and longer.

The Long War mod for 2012’s XCOM Enemy Unknown proved to be so popular that developers Firaxis has partnered with the mod team to create pre-release mods for XCOM 2. Ever since release the team has been making mods that added new weapons like the coilgun (shown above) and different alien variants.

Now, the mod team, formerly known as Long War Studios now rechristened as Pavonis Interactive, is working on Long War 2 for XCOM 2.

As the name implies, Long War will lengthen the campaign but will also add new mechanics as well as tweaking the current numbers to make it a even gruelling experience. Veteran players would appreciate the added layer of complexity, turning the game they mastered into something more difficult without just tweaking the RNG chances.

It is also interesting to note how a mod team got to work so closely with a developer. But now that Pavonis is its own studio, they will not just be making Long War mods for XCOM. They have a game called Terra Invicta that is still in pre-production.

No word for when the PC mod will be released, but more info will be delivered by publishers 2K in the next few weeks.

XCOM 2’s brand of turn-based strategy and base building is great for the theme they are going. In our review, we called it “a great sequel and squashes many of the problems of its predecessor”. XCOM 2 is also available on consoles too, but with no mod support.

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