Prepare For More Nioh, Beta Demo Arrives August 23

So, about that Nioh Alpha Demo. Did you gave it a go? Did you send some feedback over developers Team Ninja? Apparently they are hard work in fine-tuning the Dark Souls-inspired action RPG that was announced way back in 2004.

The upcoming Beta Demo will arrive on August 23, and will be available for a limited time. September 6 is the cut off date for that.

Players will be able to explore and all new stage as Geralt of Rivia William Adams, and a new dojo stage that acts as a practice lab to learn the combat systems.

It would be interesting to see how Team Ninja adjusted the game now after receiving feedback from those who played the demo. Hopefully this does mean the game is indeed in the beta stage as it aims for a 2016 release on the PS4. Having another demo afterwards (Gamma demo?) would mean it may still be a long way, not to mention ruining the conventions most developers use with the terms alpha and beta.

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