Post-Overwatch Open Roster Change For Cloud9, Misfits, REUNITED and Team Dignitas

After the intense Overwatch Open finals happening last week, we now see some repercussions on the events that happened last week as major teams have seen some roster shuffles. Some are relatively minor, but some will bring some major changes.

First up is Misfits picking up Hidan as the official support player after playing on trial for about a month. The French player of NoNameYet fame has passed the trials in flying colours one would assume, as he alongside stand-in tank player Ryb helped propelled the rest of the team to be crowned the Overwatch Open champion.

REUNITED’s pubstar turned pro-player Kyb will be taking a back seat from competitive play after Overwatch Open. His reason? Everything is fine but moving too quickly so he needs some time to reflect and think of his next move. In the meantime, he remains with the team as a streamer and content creator, while Norweigian top player Onigod will be taking Kyb’s place in the roster. He will make his debut at the OGN Overwatch APEX Season 1, the Korean Overwatch league REUNITED is invited to participate.

The major change is Cloud9. The former Google Me sides have been sticking for a good while since launch, but the meta and current changes has obviously not be in their favour. DPS player Reaver, tank player DeBett and phenomenal support player Greggo all left the team. Greggo, in his official statement over at r/competitiveoverwatch, mentions that he will be streaming for a few months before deciding to form a new team or get picked up by a new one, while it is still up in the air of the status of Reaver and DeBett. Replacing them are Swedish memester and former DPS for FaZe Mendokusai, Misfits’ stand-in tank Ryb and Wolf, the former Northern Gaming Red DPS player on support. The new lineup, alongside Kyky, Adam and Surefour, will be debuting at the Alienware Monthly Melee online event, run by Gosugamers. The three are currently on  a trial phase, so we will have to see of the new line-up have what it takes.

Lastly, we have Team Dignitas. The squad has been in a slump for the longest time and a new roster made its debut at Dreamhack Winter. Missing from the new Team Dig is tanker Numlocked and flex player Art1er. Replacing them are Evokje and Vienless, both on support roles. This is an interesting, if not odd, transition for the new players, as they were making big gains in the EU scene as the brand new team Ninjas With Attitude (NWA) a few weeks ago. The new Team Dignitas still hasn’t fared as well at Dreamhack, but time will tell if the induction of new blood to the team can make something happened. As for Numlocked and Art1er, both are great players themselves and it should be a matter of time until we see them back in action.

This is only the few major teams that participated in the Overwatch Open finals that see some shake-ups, and there’s bound to be a lot of player movement right now with the influx of various Overwatch tournaments happening around the world. The trend of switching players after a major tournament has concluded is normal in the world of e-sports, and looks like the Overwatch pro scene will follow the same route.

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