Possible Red Dead Redemption 2 Leak Turned Out To Be A PC-Only MMO Game, Wild West Online

Recently, speculations started to rise as a screenshot leaked of what seems to be a game set in the Wild West. That can possibly be Red Dead Redemption 2, right?

Apparently, it wasn’t.

The folks on PC Gamer has the exclusive reveal of Wild West Online, an MMO set in the age of cowboys published by DJ2. Players can “form gangs to either break or defend the law, roam the hinterlands, or settle in for a game of cards at the local saloon”.

The developers, 612 Games, formed with a clear intention in providing a Wild West game on PC. Red Dead Redemption never found its way on PC until today, so they decided to make their own game rather than waiting for a port.

No word on when it will be released, but it will be launching a Kickstarter soon. While the screenshots look promising, we will have to see if the MMO gameplay, which focuses more on PvP, will work out. But for folks yearning to saddle on the back of a horse and get lost in the new frontier, all at the comfort of a PC, this should be something on your radar.

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