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Pokemon Go Is Now in The Wild for Japan


Pokemon is well-known to both kids and adults alike, and with Pokemon Sun & Moon coming out later this year, excitement is building up for the franchise once more.

The latest Pokemon game that consumers can get their hands on, however, is the new mobile augmented reality (AR) game, Pokemon Go. Field tests have now began in Japan, with developer Niantic Labs stating that potential users can be invited via email, and more invites will be sent out in the following days.

With field tests ongoing in Japan, Niantic also announced that “it will expand to other countries in the weeks to come.”

“From today, Japanese residents are invited to field test Pokemon GO. We’ll give you information about the lottery system and invitation based on your device and experience of real-world gaming you’ve had so far. Those invited will be sent the details via email, however for those who have not received an invitation please stay excited as we are gradually expanding the field test.”

Pokemon Go will task players with travelling to real-life locations in order to capture the many Pokemon we have grown to love. Players will also progress and level up their trainer level, which allows more access to items and being able to capture rarer and more powerful Pokemon. PokeStops, which are stores located at public places, will also sell Poke Balls and other special items, even Pokemon Eggs!

No official release date has been set for the game, although it is slated for later this year.