Point-and-click 10% off of Paradigm, A Super Weird And Super Funny Adventure, Out Now

From Paradigm's Press Kit

I’m not gonna lie- I had to do a double take on every bit of info I’ve received on Jacob Jenerka’s new point-and-click, Paradigm.

The game describes itself as a “surreal adventure game” where you play as a hideously deformed mutant whose main antagonist is an evil sloth that vomits candy. It’s got gorgeous art, a self-loathing sense of humor and a Glam Metal Cult. It’s also got music by Jonas Kjellberg, and features voice work by renowned artist Dave Rapoza. What’s not to love?

To further sweeten you on the deal, Paradigm is 10% off for the next week, being only RM27.90 on Steam. It’s also available on Humble Bundle and GoG if you’d rather pay in USD and have a portion of proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

Paradigm is available on PC and Mac, while it’s website says a Linux version “Will be available after release”. For more info and their hilarious trailer, check out their website

P.S- I feel it important to mention that there is apparently a romance-able toaster? Make of this what you will.

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