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Playstation Will Now Support Official Tournaments Within The PS4


Sony announced that it will now support official tournaments from within the PS4. This function is a collaboration with the ESL where players can participate in tournaments of a game and compete for prizes. Players will need a PSN account with a PS Plus subscription and an ESL account linked to the PSN account.

Being a baked-in feature within the system, you can browse for tournaments that will be located in the Events tab. Once signed up for a particular tournament, you will be prompted by the PS4 on when your match is about to start.

The first game to utilise this feature is NBA 2K17, taking place from October 27 to November 26. Though other ESL tournaments will likely follow suit.

Sounds like a cool feature, but we will have to see if there’s any games that will support this feature, especially over in Asia. If it does, it makes tournament participation much more easier and streamlined.