Playstation VR Will Launch On October 13 In Malaysia, Pricing Starts At RM1849

Playstation Asia had a press conference which was also livesteamed, all about the Playstation VR. The most important news of it is of course the release date and regional price.

As confirmed, PS VR will have the same launch date that was announced before for the US: October 13 will be the day it is available in Asia.

Screenshot (320)

Along with that, the base headset will cost starting at RM1849. Do note that it will require the Playstation camera to work, sold seperately, and some game benefits for using the PS Move controller. A PS VR and Playstation Camera bundle will also be sold, priced at RM2029.

Playstation VR is technically the cheapest full-fledged VR headset experience in the market, compared to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive being way more expensive. Yet, it is still a large investment. The headset alone is more expensive than a PS4 bundle.

If you have the budget, this is certainly a good deal, though not everyone can afford it.

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