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Playstation Store Asia Listing Shows Persona 5 Royal Releasing On February 2nd, In English


Here’s a surprise finding. Atlus has yet to reveal the official release date for Persona 5 Royal for the west (or more appropriately, in English). There’s a countdown on the official site at the time of writing, which may lead to a reveal.

But a listing in Playstation Store Asia may have jumped the gun.

On the store right now, pre-orders for Persona 5 Royal is now available, in Chinese and English. It also reveals the release date: February 20th.

The more surprising finding is that the game, an enhanced version of the very good JRPG that adds new content, will have its release in Chinese and English as one game. Various games by Sega (which Atlus is a part of) released in PS Store Asia have separate releases for Chinese and English, with the Chinese release available at the same time as the Japanese release. Such examples include the Yakuza series and vanilla Persona 5.

Persona 5 Royal is already out in Japan. It’s Persona 5 but with added content, including new party member Kasumi, some story changes and an extended calendar. Think of it like Persona 4 Golden and Catherine Full Body did to their original game. It’s a full-price release, however, and will be available on the PS4.