PlayStation Reveals PS Plus Essential Games For September, Along With Price Increase For Service

September is upon us and Sony has surprised us with not only the games that’s coming for all active PS Plus members, but also a price increase for all tiers of their PS Plus services starting September 6.

So first up the games, starting on September 5, we’ll be getting Volition’s final game, Saints Row, Pearl Abyss’s mega MMORPG, Black Desert – Traveler Edition and Avalance Studio’s robot fighting sandbox, Generation Zero.

Now, the price increase. On September 6, all of the PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription plans in Southeast Asia will be price below:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription Plan
    • RM 235
    • SGD 70.90
    • THB 1,830
    • Rp 709,000
  • PlayStation Plus Extra 12-Month Subscription Plan
    • RM 400
    • SGD 120.90
    • THB 3,070
    • Rp 1,215,000
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe 12-Month Subscription Plan
    • RM 460
    • SGD 139.90
    • THB 3,530
    • Rp 1,395,000

And while the pricing will be cheaper than, say, purchasing it monthly, it is still a substantial hike from previous years.

For more info on both games and price increase, check out the PlayStation Blog.

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