PlatinumGames Is Seeking Crowdfunding To Bring The Wonderful 101 To Switch, PC and PS4

Diplomacy has failed! Unite Up!

PlatinumGames’ aspiration of a self-published future is becoming a reality. The developers are now crowdfunding a remaster of The Wonderful 101 to Switch, and possibly to PC via Steam and PS4. They will be self-publishing the title.

The Wonderful 101 is a Nintendo Wii U exclusive, though reported to not have sold well. It’s Pikmin if Pikmin is a character action game, with the aesthetic of super sentai mashed with western comic superheroes. The original release uses the Wii U’s dual-screen setup in certain parts of the gameplay, with the main gimmick having to draw symbols on the Wii U touchscreen to access different movesets.

In the Kickstarter FAQ, Nintendo gave support to publish the game to other platforms. Platinum is also considering ports to other platforms (the Xbox One is notably missing) but for now, are focusing on the three platforms in their first self-published endeavor.

The plans of a Kickstarter was set in stone before Platinum’s deal with Tencent struck, so the investment from that are not being used in creating the new remaster.

Moments after the Kickstarter went live, it has managed to reach its goal of $50,010 USD for the Switch port, and now has reached the stretch goals for a PC port ($250,000 USD) and PS4 ($500,000 USD).

The Kickstarter backer rewards include your usual digital/physical copy of the game, soundtrack and other merch.

Outside of one. Pledge more than $102 USD and you get the optional reward of being blocked on Twitter by Wonderful 101’s game director and notorious blocker, Hideki Kamiya.

You can find the Kickstarter page here.

This is only one of possibly four more projects PlatinumGames have in the works. Right now, the company website has launched the #Platinum4 page, which teases four projects, one of them being The Wonderful 101 Remastered Kickstarter.

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