Planetiles Is A Chill City-Builder That’s Part Puzzler, Part Roguelike

Here’s another city-builder, but a chill one by developer MythicOwl and published by indie publisher The Iterative Collective: Planetiles.

In Planetiles, you are building a world by strategically placing tiles on a planetoid. There will dynamic missions another cataclysms and disasters that may stop you from completing the mission. But until then, you can enjoy the bright colours and chill vibe the game offers.

Planetiles was first revealed at Gamescom 2023. You can try out a demo available on the Steam page.

Planeitles’ core gameplay loop should feel familiar for folks who have played Dorfromantik, but this game is on a planetary scale, and has planetary disasters.

No release date is given, but it’s coming to PC via Steam.

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