Phillips Hue Lighting Can Sync With Razer Chroma RGB Devices

If you ever wonder if you can have your home lighting be as flashy as the RGB lighting on your gaming peripherals, well, wonder no more. Phillips Hue can sync with Razer Chroma RGB devices.

What this means is that you can have not only the RGB lights of your Razer peripheral affected by gameplay when you’re gaming, your room lighting can follow suit too for that extra layer of immersion. Or maybe you just like the lights irradiating from your PC match your room.

This tech has been around for at least two years now. Though it was brought to our attention that there’s a new demo display you can check out in Malaysia. Stop by Gamers Hideout in Central i-City for the display piece and see the setup in action and see if it’s something you would want or not.

You’ll need to invest in the Phillips Hue ecosystem for this to work obviously, and it’s more than just a couple of lightbulbs of investment. But hey, at least now you know it’s something you can have in Malaysia.

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