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PewDiePie Rages over Youtube for “Unrecognizing Him”


The Biggest Youtuber alive with over 44 million subscribers, PewDiepie, thinks Youtube is being unfair toward him. Why? Because he didn’t get his diamond play button. Unlike most YouTubers who barely even reach over 20 million fans, PewDiepie isn’t happy with the play button awards he received. Clearly, he made that up. We all knew that from the beginning. But, what if this was not fake at all. (Illuminati confirmed?)

Captured from his latest video.
Captured from his latest video.

100k Play Button award? Ain’t that supposed to be awarded to him 4 years ago? He’s growing huge now (Massively, overly huge). Or is Youtube stuck in the Internet Explorer dimension? Who knows.

According to the video, Youtube has rewarded several of the diamond Play Button to certain Youtubers with of course, massive amount of subscribers. Wait, what? You don’t know what a Play Button award is? You obviously haven’t had your own favourite Youtuber. Generally, they would upload an appreciation video for their subscribers for making them (those awarded Youtubers) deserve to strike such achievement and get one of this nice piece of the Youtube Play Button.

I have no idea who this guy is
I have no idea who this guy is and that’s not even diamond.

Unfortunately, Felix has a completely different case. Little did he know, the Diamond Play Button award is just for the Youtubers with precisely 10 million subs and just look at how many subs he’s currently sitting with. Oh Zilla! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes! Could this be? Youtube has something even bigger for Felix since he surpasses over 44 million subs and Youtube thinks that he deserves luxurious-ler than a Diamond version of the Play Button.

Uranium Play Button award perhaps? and again, who knows.

If this came out to be true, PewDiepie has demanded it to be delivered with a horse with a charming man riding it. (Ludicrous as always, Pewds)

Watch out, Youtube! He even made #givepewdshisdiamondplaybutton. A revolt has begun. Watch the full video below :


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