Persona Theory Games Co-Founder “Stepping Aside Temporarily” After Harassment Allegations

Persona Theory Games, the development team recently under fire for various sexual harassment and workplace abuse allegations, have posted a response, of sorts.

Co-Founder and Managing Director (and recent The Game Awards Future Class inductee) Saqina Latif will be “stepping aside temporarily”, according to The Magic Rain. Abu Huraira and Ahmad Helmi will assume the roles of co-CEOs “for the foreseeable future”.

However, the statement doesn’t comment on any of the allegations, citing “privacy considerations of all parties involved”.

No other mention regarding the other co-founder of Persona Theory Games, Buddy Anwardi, who allegedly is the main perpetrator, in the statement.

Looking at the response on Twitter,com, the news has been met with disappointment. Mostly due to the statement issue here being a non-apology and not taking any accountability. Is this change in personnel here is enough to stop from the alleged harassment and abuse to stop?

UPDATE 22/12/23: Here’s the full statement from Persona Theory Games:

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