Persona 5’s Soundtrack Is So Good To Listen Even Outside Of The Game

When a game soundtrack is so good, it can stand on its own to be listened to outside the game. Persona 5 continues this trend- the series has always a very striking soundtrack that’s not only fitting of the theme for each game, it also varies in genre. If Persona 3 has a lot of hip-hop and Persona 4 tends toward a more bubbly J-Pop sound, then Persona 5 takes another new direction: melancholic and upbeat acid jazz.

In our review, we highly praised the music of the game and it’s for a good reason: the soundtrack is really good! If you’re not convinced from the descriptions there, here are a few select tracks that are so noteworthy and why it is so. No story spoilers, of course.

Beneath The Mask

Let’s start with one of the strongest ones in the soundtrack. Beneath The Mask is the song you’ll hear a lot during the evenings of the game. It’s slow and melancholic-the perfect song to play when you are all alone in a coffee shop or among the bustling streets in the night. The instrumental variation featured here is strong (the keyboard arrangement is so good), but then later in the game you’ll start hearing the ones with lyrics which makes the song even better. On rainy days, there’s another version of it as well with some instruments muted out to make way for the sound of drizzling rain.

Last Surprise

The battle theme that you will be listening over and over and over. The uptempo jazz beat never cease to be dull each time it plays. Sure, the catchy part is a bit late in the chorus (where for most easy battles you won’t reach that long) and doesn’t grab you early on, but it’s still one charming battle theme. And the significance of the lyrics? Since we’re not talking spoilers, let’s just say.. you’ll never see it coming.

Life Goes On

Guess where this little tune plays out.

You won’t be expecting this to be the theme to your examination week. This one is very catchy, with an upbeat tone that drives you to recall all the past class sessions that related to the exam questions presented. If you’re still attending school/university and facing exams, this should be your theme song for the exam week. And as the title suggest, whatever the result will be, life goes on. Though you might want to work hard for exams just so you can increase your Charm stat early.


The Palaces (dungeons) you will be going in Persona 5 have their own theme and unique aesthetic, but this one takes the cake. Marrying a tempo fit for heisting with a unique instrument sound that reminds you this is all in Japan plus a really sick bass line, this is one of the more catchier Palace themes. (The later dungeons are pretty good as well)


Another one of the melancholic tunes for downer moments and emotional reveals, this is some sweet guitar pickings slowly over a mellow sounding synth keyboards. It really hits home in the feels, and this is just one of the many songs that elects such emotion.

Layer Cake

Believe it or not, this is a store theme. This is the song the we mentioned in the review that is just so good you don’t want to leave the store. The start has an eerie feeling before it bursts into groovy bass and smooth guitar licks, which reflects the store owner so well. It makes the chore of selling treasure, comparing and buying new gear for the party something to look forward to.

Blooming Villain

The boss theme. As expected, it starts with a brooding sound before the chorus hits and guitars run wild. It’s straight-up rock rather than jazz or any of that kind, but when you reach the boss fights, the Phantom Thieves’ sound of rebellion is heard loud and clear when facing their biggest adversary. So it sort of fits with the whole theme despite being a rock song. Plus, the chorus part here is a recurring motif in other songs in the soundtrack, used to great effect.

This is just a taste of the 110 songs listed in the original soundtrack for Persona 5. Some of the later tracks are downright spoilers in the name alone, and there are plenty more great songs not mentioned here as well. That’s for you discover. The Persona 5 Orginal Soundtrack is available on iTunes here. And if you’re even fancier, there’s a limited run of the soundtrack on vinyl.

If you’ve played Persona 5 already, what’s your favourite track so far? Sound off in the comments below.

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