Persona 5 Website Is Teasing Us With A Countdown

Persona 5, the highly-anticipated JRPG from Atlus, is coming soon. Yet we have no solid date on when it’s coming, aside from it being possibly coming this year. They have been keeping the game under wraps for a long time, only showing a glimpse of the game in some trailers. Now the Persona 5 Japanese website is posting a countdown, which will end on May 5th.

Persona is a spin-off series of Shin Megami Tensei, a long-running series of RPGs. The themes involved are usually the dark and brooding kind, but then Persona 3 & 4 blew up to popularity in the mainstream. These two games focus you as a high-school student, juggling with everyday routine such as going to school and hang out with friends. While a school kid in the day, you and a team of friends go on an adventure to fight Shadows using alter-egos called Personas. The mix of traditional dungeon crawling RPG filled with fantastical elements with the normal, almost mundane, everyday life routine you need to balance is interesting as well as engaging.

Judging by how we are reporting on a countdown instead of juicy game details, there’s not much information being passed around about Persona 5. Hopefully, whatever will be revealed as the countdown ends would be something fans of the series would love to hear. A release date, maybe?

Persona 5 is set to release for the PS4 and the PS3.

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