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Persona 5 Royal Adds Hub Palace, Challenge Mode With Narukami and Minato As Bosses


With the Japanese release of the Persona 5 Royal coming ever so close, Atlus has decides to showcase some more new additional content.

One of which is the Challenge mode,where your team can battle the last two main protagonist, Narukami and Minato (Or Yuuki, if you’re a fan of the movies) as a challenging boss battle. By the looks of the screenshot, it might be quite rewarding if you defeat them.

Another cool neat feature is “My Palace” mode, where players is given their own palace which you can customize.

In there, you can roam around the palace with any character in your party, see concept art/past cutscenes and even talk to a “Cognitive” version of an Confidant (Social Link).

And with that, we’re weeks away to the release of Persona 5 Royal, which launches for PS4 on 31 October ,plus a Spring 2020 release date for the English version.

(Additional Info from Persona Central)

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