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Persona 5 Royal First Details Shown


After the first day of the Persona Super Live concert, more information was finally shown regarding the coming Persona 5: Royal.

Persona 5: Royal expands on the previous version of Persona 5 by adding new areas, a whole new semester as well as an entirely new Phantom Thief- Kasumi Yoshizawa.

The trailer shows many old things are getting updates too, such as special new cinematic attacks for the Phantom Thieves and what appears to be team-up attacks (If Haru riding Morgana into battle is anything to go by).

Just like Persona 5, however, Japan will receive Persona 5: Royal ahead of the west- getting the game October 31st, 2019 vs a 2020 release date for the rest of the world.

At present, however, Persona 5 Royal is only coming to PS4, though the Super Live Concert still has another day and no news regarding P5S has been announced, either.

More information regarding Persona 5 Royal is slated for release on May 9th.

Source Persona 5 Royal Website