Perfect Dark Re-emerges With Spy Thriller Gameplay

The new Perfect Dark, developed by The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics, has re-emerged at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. And this time with gameplay.

The 3-minute gameplay shows off the FPS that’s more than just a straightforward shooter. There’s sneaking and parkouring, all done in the first person. Though there is a good amount of shooting, of the tactical shooter variety. Agent Joanna Dark’s sprints looks like she’s in Call Of Duty.

The original Perfect Dark was developed by Rare, hot of the heels of its success on GoldenEye 007. That Nintendo 64 game defined what a shooter should play on consoles (until the first Halo on Xbox redefined that). Perfect Dark’s most recent release, not counting the 2010 remaster, is Perfect Dark Zero, an Xbox 360 launch game.

The last glimpse of this Perfect Dark reboot was in 2020, where a teaser was shown just to reveal what The Initiative was working on. This is their first game since being founded under the Xbox Game Studios banner.

The new Perfect Dark by The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics has no release window yet.

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