Pathfinder: Wrath Of the Righteous Out Now

The latest entry to the Pathfinder CRPG series, Pathfinder: Wrath Of the Righteous is finally out now.

The latest game by Owlcat Games and publisher META Publishing is finally available on PC after being first announced as a Kickstarter project back on December 4, 2019. The crowdfunding campaign brought in $2 million USD of support.

“We have been gathering community feedback very carefully in the development of Wrath of the Righteous,” said creative director Alexander Mishulin. “Their support has helped us expand the original scope of the game and create the CRPG experience that we have dreamed of. And we are incredibly grateful for that.”

The follow-up to Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Pathfinder: Wrath Of the Righteous uses the Pathfinder tabletop RPG systems made by Paizo in this story of fighting against an army of demons in the Worldwound.

You will have to raise an army as the Commander and can choose a variety of ways to win the war. Either remain mortal or ascend by following the many mythic paths which can turn your hero into a celestial angel, a dragon, a trickster, or even becoming a demon yourself.

The launch trailer gives a glimpse of the world and story you can expect in this CRPG.

Wrath Of the Righteous is out now on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store (for RM139) and GOG.

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