Path Of Exile 2 Announced, But It’s Not Separate New Game

Free-to-play dungeon crawler action RPG Path Of Exile is getting a sequel. Sort of. Path Of Exile 2 is a whole new campaign for Path Of Exile, featuring seven new acts set 20 years after the events of the first game. The new campaign will co-exist with the original one for Path Of Exile.

Path Of Exile 2 is also bringing a few changes. There will be new classes, dubbed Ascendency Classes. The 19 of these you can choose should be of similar archetypes from the original campaign.

The gems you can slot into equipment have been streamlined a bit, support gems now slot into skill gems directly rather than having its own slot. Expect new equipment animation and models as the game engine improvement.

As mentioned earlier, Path Of Exile 2 is not a separate client but is built on top of the existing Path Of Exile game. All microtransaction-bought cosmetics will work with Path Of Exile 2. Any expansion content, which rolls out every three months, will be compatible with both games. And yes, if you just prefer the original game, that won’t be going away and will still be updated.

It’s cool to see games with live services figure out how to make a sequel but still not split the playerbase. At least this one is much easier to explain than Overwatch 2 was. And fans of games like Diablo has a lot to look forward to in the future, considering Diablo IV is also coming.

Path Of Exile 2 is still a long way from release, however. Beta tests are expected to begin in late 2020, so there’s a few years until this one is ready for release.

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