Party Game Gerritory Out Now On Switch, Coming To Steam Later This Year

Gerritory, the indie party game published by Digital Crafter and developed by Party Goose Studio, is out now on Nintendo Switch.

The publishers also announced that it’s making its way to PC via Steam too.

Gerritory is a game up to 4 players about taking control the most tiles as possible. Over 37 stages are available, with extra modes that changes the original ruleset.

For example, there is Hunting Ghost mode where a black transparent cube will haunt each player. There’s also Block-Out where you have limited vision as everything outside the area nearby you are pitch black, and Bomb Attack where a random bomb, marked by a red radar sign, will drop from time to time.

The PC release will have the same content as on the original Switch release. There are plans to add online play on top of the local/couch multiplayer option right now. For PC, it will also support Steam’s Remote Play Together feature too.

Gerritory on PC is slated for a Q4 2020 release, so it will be later this year. You can check out the Steam page here.

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