Palworld Releasing On Steam Early Access January 2024

Palworld, the not-Pokemon game because the creatures you collect using not-Pokeballs can carry guns, now has a release date.

Developer Pocketpair (the team behind Craftopia) released a new trailer at the Summer Game Fest 2023 showcase where you see more of the open world filled with colourful fantasy creatures referred to as “Pals and the people who inhabit it.

No that’s no Wooloo, have you seen a Pokemon mounting on a very realistic machine gun? The Pals are packing heat, figuratively.

(There’s also a new Pal that does pack literal heat, but you’ve might have seen one of those.)

In Palworld, you are able to craft a homestead, a base and a Pal-powered factory with the help of your Pals. Or go into the dungeons and have your Pals back you up with their arsenal of ballistics.

Players can play solo or up to 8 players in online multiplayer, which includes online battles.

Palworld will be out on Early Access on PC (Steam) sometime in January 2024.

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