Oxygen Not Included Now Out Of Steam Early Access

Oxygen Not Included, Klei’s long-in-development colony builder and management sim, has left Steam Early Access.

It was supposed to launch in May, but was delayed to July.

The indie company that is known to make different kinds of games each time- from horror survival sim Don’t Starve to stealth-based strategy tactics Invisible Inc.- Oxygen Not Included tasks you in managing a colony of duplicates as they land in an unknown world. Needs like a proper toilet and oxygen to breathe needs to be managed, or things will get messy. And deadly.

To celebrate the full release, here’s a new trailer for the game. It shows off how your small abode can sprawl up into a well-oiled factory of various machinery and pipelines. And the goofy humour of its previously produced animated shorts.

Oxygen Not Included is out now for PC on Steam as well as the Epic Games Store.

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