Oxygen Not Included Is Klei’s Next Game, Now In Early Access

One particular indie studio that has been consistent with its output has to be Klei Entertainment. From Shank, to Invisible Inc. to Don’t Starve, they always try new genres and are all made exceptionally well. Their latest game is a take on the colony building sim genre, simply titled Oxygen Not Included.

The main selling point here is how gases and liquids are modeled. Your duplicants, the little cute people you are indirectly controlling need oxygen to breathe and will exhale carbon dioxide. Not enough oxygen and they will suffocate to death. You can get oxygen from various sources, from the fictional oxylite tiles that produce oxygens to algaes that can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Plus, you have to manage food stocks as well as stress levels while figuring out how to ventilate and provide water and power supply for your new colony, or see them lashing out- prepare for excessive vomiting.

Oxygen Not Included is now in Early Access for RM38. Like all Early Access games, there’s no guarantee if the game will be fully completed or implement all its promised features, but Klei has a good track record when in comes to putting out games in Early Access.

What we have tried so far, it’s decent. More impressions of the current state of the game should be out soon.

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