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Owlboy Is A Gorgeous Indie 2D Platformer 9 Years In The Making


We’ve heard of big AAA titles taking years to only be done. Final Fantasy XV. The Last Guardian. But there’s now an indie game that can claim such a long development time, and that is Owlboy by D-Pad studio. What was passion project of one dude eventually became a group effort, and it only took them 9 years to finally finish the game, to critical acclaim.

Owlboy is a 2D platformer where you play the namesake Owlboy. He can fly and grab items or people to carry around. While you have not much of an offensive ability on your own, you will meet people that join you in your adventure, and you will rely on them to provide the firepower. Different people carry different abilities and guns, and swapping to the right person at any given time is key to navigate the Metroidvania-styled levels where specific abilities will unlock specific paths, either that be the critical path or a side path with secrets to uncover.

Check out the game in motion in the trailer below:

If you fancy a game using beautiful 2D sprite art with a Metroidvania twist to its platforming, then Owlboy is worth a look. It’s only RM47 on Steam right now.