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Overwatch’s Symmetra Got A Kit Redesign, Coming To PTR


Symmetra had a problem: she was too situational. Like Point A defense only situational. So Blizzard redesigned her, giving two (two!) choices for an Ultimate ability, a new ability replacing the shields she can give with a Photon Barrier plus some tweaks to her weapon and sentry turret.

In the latest developer update, Game Director Jeff Kaplan talks in depth on why the changes had to be made- and why the new changes were made. For instance, the teleporter is a game-changing ability, but only on first point defence. So there’s another Ultimate now called the Shield Generator, which gives everyone in its vicinity shields while ignoring line of sight so you can still hide it like a teleporter. Health of both teleporter and shield generator will be using the regenerative shield health rather than normal health so it will take more effort to get them offline.

Symmetra’s main weapon will have longer range, and all six sentry turrets can be planted instead of only three and wait for a cooldown to add another three.

The Photon Barrier is described by Kaplan as “like Reinhardt and Winston’s projected barrier”. It’s a moving, projected barrier that can be used defensively and offensively.

Check the video below if you prefer to listen straight from the source:

Seems like a pretty good change, and now we have the precedent of two different ultimates (at least for build items) and probably a new ability that, if it works as Kaplan describes it, could make her viable in a lot of different team comps, especially taking an off-tank slot. No wonder they keep the Symmetra’s changes out of the recent experiments of the PTR, she is totally reworked now.

Speaking of which, the new Symmetra will hit the PTR soon, proabably next week. The new control map (with jump packs) Oasis is still on schedule for the PTR, though after the Symmetra reworks hit there first.