Overwatch’s New Map Oasis Now On PTR, With Jump Pads And Dangerous Traffic

Season 3 of Overwatch’s Competitve Mode has started, but the PTR is still seeing some new additions. Along with the new and improved Symmetra, the new Control (King Of The Hill) map Oasis is now in there as well. The Arabian urban centre not only looks gorgeous, but on one of the three parts of the map has two really interesting additions: a jump pad and bustling, and dangerous traffic by the edges of the map.

The jump was mentioned during its introduction back at Blizzcon, but don’t it’s Quake III Arena now: it’s one, singular jump pad. It works as intended and will open up new strategies (and counter strategies) as we all figure out how to utilise it. Expect Widowmakers making jump scoped shots and Ana shooting sleep darts in the air.

The traffic? It acts as an environmental hazard. So far that’s what we know, and every hero will get minced upon touching any of the cars. It won’t be a major element in most matches, but there’s a big healthpack at the edge of the map that with a good Lucio boop could send an enemy to be roadkill.

Here’s a full tour of Oasis by Youtuber Unit Lost:

The two other parts of Oasis looks nice and opens up new opportunities with the way it is designed (One of the maps has a hole..that leads to a lower level with a healthpack rather than a pit of death). Oasis is set to be on live servers by early next year, so it will be a while until everyone can give this a try.

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