“Overwatch: Uprising” Event Extended For All Platform

Good news for Overwatch players. “Overwatch : Uprising”,  the latest seasonal event for the game has been extended. Due to an error in the ending time for the event, Blizzard had decided to compensate players by extending the event period to 2nd of May at 5pm PDT (Wednesday 3rd May 8 am MY and SG time) across all platform (PC, PS4, XB1)

Accidentally ending the event earlier than scheduled, Blizzard openly admitted to their mistake and compensated by reinstating Uprising Loot Box and Uprising Arcade mode availability. A tweet posted by Blizzard informing the extension:

So to those who are still missing out on the event exclusive contents (like that oh-so-awesome Genji Blackwatch skin), you still have a chance to get them. Again, it ends on Wednesday 3rd May at 8 am. See you in King’s Row again!

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