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Overwatch Server Browser And Bastion Buffs Now Live Along With Season 4


It’s Overwatch update time again and today we see the many features and balance changes being tested in the PTR now rolling out to live servers. Server browser is now live, where you can create your own custom games with even more options to adjust. So go play around some of the settings, or just browse the server for any cool custom modes you can try out. It’s under the Arcade Mode.

Aside from that, Season 4 for competitive mode kicks off today. Maintaining above 3000 Skill Rating will be even harder as it will decay if you don’t play at least 7 games in a week, either do it all in one go or play one game a week and you won’t be hit by the decay.

Another change to the Skill Rating is it will be harder to reach the highest and lowest Skill Rating mostly to stop players throwing games. There are documented adventures of players who throw games on purpose to attain the lowest skill point, and as such any SR lower that is not displayed.

A new tweak to how respawning works will stop defending players from going one by one in an attempt to stall the attackers.

Lastly, the many balance changes. Expect to see the lovely robot everyone loves to hate gets picked more often as Bastion is getting some changes. A few other heroes like Roadhog, D.Va and Winston gets slight tweaks as well. Is it a nerf or a buff? Check out the patch notes here for the full lowdown.