Overwatch Pro Team Roster Change: Luminosity Gaming Picks Up 2sTroNk

If you watched some high-level Overwatch gameplay you might came across with Seagull (or A_Seagull). The prolific Twitch streamer and one of the best DPS players in the Overwatch pro scene are with a team called Luminosity Gaming, along with teammates Gods, Pookz, Milo, Enigma and recently joined Dummy. That no longer holds true as the team, now called MixUp^, decides to part ways with LG after their contracts are up.

But that has not stopped Luminosity in investing into the growing Overwatch scene as they just picked up European-based 2sTroNk. The team lived up to its silly name as being consistent performers in the scene, and now ranked 10 in the world based on Gosugamers’ records. Luminosity is betting big with the Euro boys as they will be relocated to North America with a team house so they can all train together.

The lineup of 2sTroNk that will be now represent Luminosity Gaming are as follows:

  • Vytis ‘M1neral’ Lasaitis
  • Arthur ‘EISSFELDT’ Marx
  • Jani ‘Tseini’ Kahkonen
  • Tim ‘Manneten’ Bylund
  • Dominik ‘Ruster’ Waffler
  • Kalle ‘Zave’ Nilsson

Congratulations to 2sTroNk for getting picked up by a major team, though your silly name will sorely be missed.

But what about Seagull and co? MixUp^ as a team has already secured qualifying for the ESL Atlantic Showdown Regional Finals and had a great showing at the Overwatch Open qualifiers.. until the Grand Finals that is. We may see the team still sticking around, and might even be in talks with former basketball star Shaquille O’Neal who has an investment on an e-sports team, NRG e-Sports. Now that would make Shaq’s tweet to Seagull on getting them on board a while ago some more sense.

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