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Overwatch League- Miami Mayhem Explodes Into The Scene


The Overwatch League teams are finally all revealed just before Blizzcon is starting this weekend. One of the last two is the Miami-Orlando slot owned by esports organisation Misfits. They have announced their Overwatch League team name- the Florida Mayhem.

Florida Mayhem will be branding themselves with yellow, black, and a similar red hue to what Misfits are adorning. The yellow represents the Florida sunshine famously tied to the state while the black is attributed to the Miami Heat, the NBA basketball team that has invested in Misfits.

The logo takes shape of a bomb (with a palm tree fuse) to reflect their “explosive playstyle”. One of Misfits biggest achievements last year was an unexpected performance in the Overwatch Open, beating favourites EnVyUs with the final blow that sealed the win being dubbed the $100,000 Pulse Bomb.

Misfits should look to continue their successes in the Overwatch scene into the league, but we will have to wait and see how much the roster is shaken up in preparation for the inaugural season.