Overwatch Going Free For The Weekend Again On November 18-21

Still haven’t bought Overwatch but pining for another chance to play it, or just curious what the hype is all about? Here’s your second chance to play for free throughout the weekend. Overwatch will be available for free for everyone during the weekend of November 18-21 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

What do you get with the free version? Almost everything in the core game. All heroes are available (except for Sombra, she’s not hit live servers yet and is only on the PTR for now). Quick Play, Custom Games and Weekly Brawls are accessible, and you can earn level progression and loot boxes. All those will be kept to your account and if you ever buy the game, you can continue where you left off.

Check the blog post over on the Overwatch site on details how to get the game and exactly when it launches. For Xbox and PS4 players, you’ll need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus to play, since it is a multiplayer game.

Let’s just hope the servers can handle the influx of new players this time around.

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