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Over 170,000 Copies Of Bayonetta’s PC Port Has Been Sold


In an interview with PC Invasion, Sega Europe’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Publishing, John Clark, has confirmed that over 170,000 copies of the recently released PC port of Bayonetta has been sold.

It may not seem as huge, but this is a port of an eight year old game that was released last month. Clark mentioned that Sega is happy with the current sales numbers, and expect to see more PC ports coming down the horizon. No word on what will be the next game to receive a PC release.

Check out the full interview where Clark shared some tidbits on how the effort goes on making a PC port possible.

Bayonetta’s PC release comes as a surprise after a tease last month. Developers Platinumgames is also releasing its other Sega-bounded IP, Vanquish to PC today.