One More Fight! Furi Adds New DLC And Patch

Furi was launched on the PS4 and PC first, with the PS4 version offered as a free game for PS Plus subscribers. Once it was launched for the Xbox One, it added one more boss level, The Flame. Now PS4 and PC players can get that extra boss fight as DLC titled “One More Fight”. A bit unfortunate, but the fight costs RM10 on Steam.

As for free updates, Furi will receive one for the PS4. Here’s a list of changes in the coming update:

  • Alternate control schemes for the game pad
  • Render quality options (may improve performances)
  • HUD position option (if your HUD is vertically cropped on your display)
  • Retweak for Promenade difficulty mode (added more variety to the fights)
  • Slight nerf for The Burst and The Line fights (in Furi difficulty story mode only – NOT in Speedrun mode)
  • Added hint for automove on paths in story mode
  • Fixed several bugs

Developers The Game Bakers are hinting of a tease for more content, so this should not be the last thing we heard of Furi just yet.

The boss-only fights in Furi makes it a solid console (and PC) debut for the devs, as we remarked in out review here. If you missed out of this fun indie character action game the first time around, it is 30% off for this week.

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