Old World The Sacred And The Profane DLC Adds More Events, Characters And Mechanics Focusing On Religion

Old World, the 4X strategy game by Mohawk Games and publisher Hooded Horse, is getting a new DLC, releasing next week.

The Sacred And The Profane DLC is themed around religion. Religion is already a mechanic in the base game, but the DLC expands it further with the addition of 350+ new events, 10+ character traits, six new historical figures, a religious dissent and persecution mechanic plus 10 “cult” city projects.

The DLC also adds religious clergy characters that will join your court and comes with their own missions and projects. Their yields do not depend on how their opinion towards’ your own character, but rather the religion’s opinion of your character. Existing characters can be inducted into the clergy as well.

The six new historical figures are the following:

  • Mani – the founder of Manichaeism
  • Paul – Fiery Christian convert and early Bishop
  • Josephus – Jewish rebel, general, and scholar
  • Ostanes – One of the rumoured great magic users
  • Sappho – Greek poetess
  • Hypatia – Alexandrian scientist and philosopher

Each of the historical figures also includes event chains.

As for the new mechanic, negative religious opinion can now lead to dissent in cities, which may lead to rebels spawning and also further events. The Clergy, or the city’s government can be used to remove dissents.

Old World is a 4X game that also has Crusader Kings elements, as not only you’re out here building an empire but you have to deal with court drama, noble houses and interpersonal relationships with the many characters in your court and other empires.

If you want to start a new game of Old World, The Sacred And The Profane DLC should add more spice thanks to loads of events it adds.

Old World The Sacred And The Profane DLC will be available on January 16 for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.

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