Old World Is A New 4X Strategy Game From The Designer Of Civilization IV

Fancy a new 4X strategy game? Well, there’s a new one coming from a familiar name. Old World is the new 4X strategy game by Mohawk Games, a studio founded by Civilization IV lead designer Soren Johnson.

You may also have heard of Mohawk’s other game, Offworld Trading Company.

Old World, previously Ten Crowns, looks like Civ IV, but is entirely set in the classical era. You’re not building a civ that lasts the test of time here, but rather focusing on keeping your empire, and dynasty, to last through the one age. It’s Civilization fused with elements from Crusader Kings.

In Old World, moving a unit works differently. Instead of each unit getting an action per turn, you have to consume a resource- orders- to do so. If you have them stacked up, you can use them for combat, construction, handle events and more in one go. Or you can barely do anything in a turn if you don’t.

Each turn is a year, and you control a dynasty- with a ruler that will die. So alongside the empire management, you also have to ensure your bloodline continues with marriage, and having heirs.

Another cool thing is how you win a game of Old World. Rather than a specific way of victory you can plan ahead, winning Old World require you to fulfill ambitions. These ambitions are dynamic, and you need to complete 10 of them to win- each one will be harder than the one before.

There’s a lot more interesting formula tweaks already revealed of the game, which you can peruse here.

It’s cool to see past Civ designers taking the genre in a different direction. Last year, we saw Civ V’s designer Jon Shafer released his take on the genre: At The Gates.

Old World will be coming to PC (Epic Games Store) as an Early Access title sometime this summer.

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