Obsidian Entertainment Announces Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Eothas has returned. The god of light and rebirth was thought dead, but he now inhabits the stone titan that sat buried under your keep, Caed Nua, for millennia. Ripping his way out of the ground, he destroyed your stronghold and left you at the brink of death. To save your soul, you must track down the wayward god and demand answers – answers which could throw mortals and the gods themselves into chaos.

 Your hunt takes you to the Deadfire Archipelago. Located even farther east than the colonies of the Eastern Reach, Deadfire comprises hundreds of islands spanning thousands of miles – ranging from lush tropics to barren deserts. Many of these lands have never been charted, while others are inhabited by rich native cultures and a new wave of colonial settlers.
Obsidian Entertainment proudly presents the sequel to our crowdfunded and critically-acclaimed role-playing game, Pillars of Eternity.
Welcome to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. With Pillars II, we are revisiting the rich narrative, beautiful environments, and tactical combat that made Pillars of Eternity one of the highest-rated PC games of all time. Having a development team of over 77,000 people made the first game possible, but your feedback and community support made it amazing! Our team wants to take you on a second journey to Eora. We couldn’t be more excited to get all of you involved in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
Invest in some money for the development here: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire
A new dynamic lighting and shadows engine bring even more life to characters in the world. Pillars II features revised spells and abilities, with new visual effects working in concert with the new lighting and shadow. Adding tons of scripted interactions that let you easily choose who from your party participates, all-new interfaces for inventory and dialog, new creatures, and much, much more.
“A game with a good graphics always has a place in gamers’ heart”
Since this game is still in development and the pledge is still open, we will be glad if you check out more about this game here: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire
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