Non-VR Version Of Communication Co-Op Game Spaceteam VR Coming Soon

Spaceteam VR, the virtual reality version of communication co-op game Spaceteam (first released on mobile) will be getting a non-VR version release.

Titled Spaceteam: The Second Dimension, you can play as one of six crew members of a very quirky spaceship that require communication to run it effectively. No VR headset required.

For whatever reason the knobs, switches and buttons you have in control of will be something your other crew members need pushing and pressing, and vice versa.

At least it makes a good excuse for team-building exercises and a safe place to experience communication breakdown shenanigans.

Spaceteam: The Second Dimension will have cross-play with Spaceteam VR, so the player base is shared across both platforms.

You can sign-up for the closed beta for Spaceteam: The Second Dimension here.

Also, a PS VR version of Spaceteam VR is still in the works.

Developer Cooperative Innovations is celebrating Spaceteam VR’s anniversary today with this announcement, among others. Players of Spaceteam VR should log in starting today or before May 24 to get a new Alien skin and other in-game rewards.

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