No More Room In Hell Sequel Announced

With the likes of Turtle Rock Studios and Techland coming in to raise the zombies genre once again, it is nice to see the likes of No More Room In Hell developer, Lever Games, also joining in the undead party.

They recently have announced the sequel to their free Source mod game and now will be running the Unreal Engine instead.

The new game will see 8 players fighting together amongst the waves of zombies in maps that will randomize item placement each time. There’s even on-the-go weapon customizations if your in need of some extra help during the onslaught.

And with no HUD elements and infections to worry about, this looks to be quite a co-op experience.

The game will enter Early Access soon at a reasonable entry price (the game will be a full price product after a year), so if you are interested in No More Room In Hell 2, you can Wishlist the game on Steam now.

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