Nioh To Be Released On February 9, 2017 Worldwide

Nioh was first announced as a PS3 exclusive game in, but after years and years of it being in limbo, Nioh will finally be a game ready to be released. As the Alpha Test and the recent Beta Test shows, developers Team Ninja are finally getting the game together into a potentially interesting take of the Dark Souls formula.

As announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference, Koei Tecmo will release the game on February 9 2017 as a PS4 exclusive title. This is a worldwide release, something to note of as certain games made in Japan still adhere to having localization efforts made separately, thus having the rest of the world wait a few more months after Japan gets to play them. One notable example is the highly anticipated Persona 5, releasing the end of this month in Japan, but will be available to the rest of the world by February.

Many other games announced in the same press conference are targeting a February release date. Fans of Japanese-made games will be either erupting in joy or agonising for having too many games coming on that month.

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