Nintendo Switch – What we know.

So that was an interesting presentation, eh?

Nintendo presented their new console in front of a stage live in Tokyo and announced a few details about it.

Switch’s release date!

Nintendo confirmed the release date of the console to be 3 March 2017 but do expect for delays here as shipping the products may lead to shortage,etc. Now onto the console itself.

The box. in Colour and Gray!
What you’ll get inside a box of a Nintendo Switch.

The Switch will  retail for 299USD or RM 1,399 locally with both normal and colored Joycon edition having the same price. Although the price of a single Joycon controller is 80USD (338MYR!) separately!

A closer look at the Joycon.
Some of the other details of the system.

The System’s battery life is quite sustainable with a maximum of 6 hours but it will vary depending on the software used. The Switch has a 32GB of Internal Memory but is expandable via a microSDXC card.

Now. Nintendo will be using a new paid online service for the Switch, simillar to PS Plus and Xbox Live, which will see online gameplay available to those having a subscription. But for online gameplay, it will be free from launch right until Fall (around September).

Switch online subscription benefits.

Nintendo’s new online system also will be giving out NES/SNES games for free to subscribers with Online play for SNES games, so that should be interesting.

So what are you thoughts on the Switch? Leave a comment down below!



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