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NieR : Automata Open World Dream Come True !


Recently, Playstation Underground uploaded a Nier: Automata open world gameplay to tease us how the game will end up be released on 7th March 2017. (prepare those money boys)

Adding oil to the fire, New Game Plus mode that retold the second half of the game from another character’s perspective adding up with tons of new cutscenes showing bosses’ backstories from their point of view. Director Yoko Taro noted that Nier:Automata will continue that tradition. “People who have only played through the first ending of Nier:Automata ending have probably not even seen half of the story,” he said on Eu PlayStationBlog.  WHAT DOES IT MEANS? well, obviously you had to explore more and re-play the game to see the full complete story.

Here are some screenshots from the game

p.s. you can go robot fishing. Lmao. incoming bass fishing 2.0

/Little bit you know that Nier:Automata have this Dark Souls system where you can pick up your items on your dead body BUT adding up you can either fix your corpse or scavenge it’s parts or just let it become a zombie-ish (living corps but robotized) to kill it for better loot.

add on to this, time to reminisce NieR Replicant


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