Nier: Automata Is An Action RPG Sequel To The Cult Hit Nier, Demo Out Now On PS4

Nier is a cult hit action RPG released back in 2005. It had a long of good thing going with its combination of 3D and 2D platforming, interesting setting of a post-apocalyptic world, and character action combat mixed with some bullet-hell shooting. The only problem? It’s not a refined experience, plenty of clunkiness and unevenness of the gameplay rests the game as a cult hit. But Square Enix is taking another chance with the series by taking a few of the key personnel from Nier such as game designer Yoko Taro and pair them up with a studio known for making good action games: PlatinumGames.

Like how Nier is an spin-off from one of the many endings from the series Drakengard, Nier: Automata is a spin-off of one of the many endings from Nier. Expect a similar post-apocalyptic world but a different set of characters. Speaking of that, you play as YoRHa No. 2 Model B, or “2B”, an android of sorts. With PlatinumGames at the helm, you could expect a more refined combat feel while still maintaining the dark quirkiness of Nier in terms of story and setting.

With its release coming up in March, there’s a demo out now on the PS4. If you’ve heard the word of mouth it’s been available for a while on US and EU accounts, but it is now available in Asia as well. Give the demo a go. It seems like a return to form for Platinum, with last year’s Ninja Turtles not doing so good and the year before that was a great but just serviceable take on Transformers. Hopefully the match made in heaven pays off.

Nier: Automata is planned for release in March on the PS4, with a PC port coming at a later date.

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