Next Need For Speed 2015 Update Coming April 27 With Multiplayer Improvements

Coming up in this month’s Need For Speed 2015 are bring multiplayer improvements in the form of Speedlists, a Prestige Mode, and activities.

Speedlists make a return from Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012, where you are thrown in with a few other racers and compete in a set of races. There are different Speedlists that cater to different ways of play- say you prefer drift events there’s a Style Speedlist. Points are tallied over at the end of the list and the winner is celebrated with short sequence. Winning Speedlist will rank you up with player titles, which reflects your overall standing worldwide. There will only be one person with the World Champion.

Aside from that, the new update will introduce Prestige Mode target for players who have completed the story journey. This can only be accessed once you’ve finish the game, allowing you to run more challenging versions of previous races.

There’s also activities you can do. Certain locations are now designated as Drift Corners and Speed Runs, where you can rack up huge drifts and fast times- with the scores tracked on the Speedwall so you can compare with friends.

Looks like the update is focusing on stuff to do rather than adding new cars or parts. This should at least get your fancy cars to use if you ever happened to finish the game already and bored doing the same races over and over.

Head down to the Need For Speed blog to read the update details in full if you’re interested. The update will be live for PS4, Xbox One and PC in April 27- just a few days from now.


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